Dr Rich Morey, P.h.D. Licensed Psychologist Photo of Rich Morey, Atascadero Counselor, san luis obispo psychologist

Welcome to my practice - an independent practice in professional psychology devoted to helping individuals, couples, and families help themselves cope with life's challenges.

My Approach


I believe that my work as a psychologist is an outgrowth of my vocation and calling in life. I find my work with clients to be rewarding, challenging, and deeply meaningful. My overall goal in counseling others is to aid them in solving the key concerns in their lives---to make their lives more healthy, meaningful, fulfulling, and enjoyable.

I listen closely. I listen and try to make sense of problems and challenges faced by my clients. I listen in order to understand their thoughts and feelings about their general station in life, their relationships, and their living/working environment.

I am very interested in the goals and aspirations of my clients. I hope to gain a clear idea of their "felt needs" and what they want to get out of counseling. I want to hear about what they've already figured out about their concerns. I want to know what interventions they have tried, and the positive or negative results of these interventions.

My interpersonal approach as a psychologist is relaxed, collaborative, personal, and focused. Compared to most mental health professionals, I have been described as focused, practical, and clear. My general counseling approach is informed by a Cognitive-Behavioral perspective. With clients who seek spiritually focused psychological help---I am glad to share my perspective and thoughts that are Biblically informed and grounded in Christian conviction.

Most often I meet with clients on a weekly basis. As their condition improves, we usually lengthen the time interval between sessions. I often ask clients to complete "homework assignments" between sessions.